Home-Made CBD Infused Products

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CBD comes in various shapes and sizes. From skin creams, vape liquids and gummy bears to toothpicks, coffee and even tea bags containing CBD nowadays, there is a way for anyone to enjoy ingesting CBD.

In the UK there is no regulation on CBD products which means there are some rogue companies out there looking to make a quick buck from under-dosed products with sky-high prices.


So what are the benefits of making your own CBD products?

Not only are you 100% sure of what is contained in the product, but you can have an accurate dosage measurement meaning you can be certain of just what you’re taking and how much you are having of it.

Not only for the above benefits, but homemade CBD products can also give you access to products not currently on the market. Blueberry Jam in 500mg? not a problem, just follow a good ole’ recipe for blueberry jam and simply add your homemade CBD oil. It’s that easy!

Although CBD is great for infusing with food, it can also be great for home-made recipes for cosmetics or beverages.


CBD is very sensitive to heat.

You want to make sure when using CBD isolate powder in any food recipe that when cooking your creation on direct heat to keep the temperature below 320 degrees. This ensures that the active ingredient doesn’t break down or deteriorate leaving you with a less than perfect product.


Some recipes may have “Low-Heat” alternatives.

Due to certain foods being made with high heats, you may need to research some interesting ways to infuse your food with CBD with a low heat cooking recipe which may be available on the internet. Google is your friend here!


How do I measure it?

CBD isolate is pure, unadulterated CBD in its rawest form which means (providing you are purchasing from a reliable source) that your 100% pure CBD powder will directly translate weight for MG.

for example, 0.1g of isolate powder will contain 100mg CBD content. and 1g of isolate powder containing 1000mg and so on.


So now you have some basic knowledge about your CBD isolate powder, let’s look at cooking with CBD.

Cooking with isolate can be a very complex process and will take a bit of getting used to. Here we have some great pointers to help you on your CBD journey.

To start, you will need to infuse a carrier oil with CBD. This can be achieved using the “Double Boil Method”.

The Double Boiling Method is a low-heat technique to infuse a plant-based oil to carry cannabinoids or essential oils.


What you will need (based off 1g isolate 1000mg);

  • 1-2 Tablespoons of carrier oil (Coconut MCT oil works the best)
  • 1 gram CBD Isolate Powder
  • 2 heat resistant bowls (one larger than the other)

Step 1: fill one bowl with water enough to leave a small gap between the water and the slightly smaller bowl which you are going to place on top. (NOTE, You do not want the second bowl to be in direct contact with extreme heat or boiling water)

Step 2: fill the second bowl with 1-2 teaspoons of MCT oil along with your weighed out CBD isolate powder and stir

Step 3: Continue to cook for 15 minutes ensuring all CBD is carefully stirred into the oil.

Step 4: allow to coil

You have now made CBD infused MCT oil which is perfect for adding to soups, sauces and even works great drizzled with caesar sauce on salads.


Want to try CBD cooking for yourself? Heres a recipe we plucked from cannabinoidcreations.com.Home-Made CBD Infused Products

so now you’re up to speed with CBD and its uses in home baking you can go forth and create all sorts of recipes, your imagination is the limit!

Home-made CBD cosmetics

Along with foods, you can also create homemade cosmetic products. This means you can be sure of exactly where your product has come from and can be sure of its non-animal cruelty roots as you handle all of the ingredients.

Making your own beauty products can help you ensure that no nasties are in any of your daily products such as parabens, formaldehyde or any artificial colours or scents leaving you with 100% fresh products which carry a warm hug for your endocannabinoid system.

Follow this 100% vegan recipe for a home-made CBD face cream which is great fun!

Face Cream CBD recipe

I hope this entry guide to home-made CBD products. Don’t forget to share your experience in the comments!


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