My Experience With CBD and Social Anxiety.

My Experience With CBD and Social Anxiety.

I would like to start this post off with a statement that I cannot guarantee that CBD will have the same effects on you as it did with me, CBD has a lot of potential benefits which have not yet been confirmed, and these are my own personal findings.


My name is Bradley, I am a 24 year old male working for (and what a wonderful job it is!).

I tend to suffer from extreme social anxiety in certain situations which restrict me from going to pubs or other heavily populated social areas due to the fear of panicking too much, coming off as “weird” or the other usual nasties that come with it.

I have tried many pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by doctors to limit this behaviour with results, however, with side effects. Simply being too lethargic to attempt sociable activities, too “brain fogged” to hold a conversation or simply have no interest. This is where I did a lot of research and found this job.


After years of using pharma drugs, I managed to gather information on CBD from a few reliable sources, and having dabbled with cannabis at a young age I was sceptical due to the paranoia and pure anxiety that cannabis had previously caused me. After I had found out the main difference between CBD and THC (which you can view here) I was hopeful this could help. After ordering the first CBD product, a 200mg 30ml bottle tincture, and dropping half a pipette under my tongue. I sat and waited.

I sat and waited some more, an hour passed and nothing happened. I did think to myself this isn’t very good, surely I’m meant to feel something to make me want to socialise, however, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

After speaking with my knowledgable friends again, they explained that I should try pushing myself out of my comfort zone and then use the CBD to see my reactions. This was the best approach in my opinion as this put you under the pressure you’re used to failing under and then seeing the results you are after!


So that evening, I decided to go to the pub where my good friend was playing the guitar. I had anxiety all the way there and my stomach was FULL of butterflies but once I started to feel my heart rate pound while getting out of the car I whipped out my tincture and had a full pipette of oil under my tongue and decided to continue with my evening.


At first, when i walked into the pub and was filled with dread and almost called the whole evening off. I managed to find another friend of mine who was drinking alone and decided to sit with him for a while to aid in feeling comfortable. After about 10 minutes, I felt a little less tense and noticed my mindset went from “whos looking at me” & “why are they looking at me” to “do I know anyone, I fancy a chat”.


The main difference I felt after the first 10 minutes was relaxation and relief from the extreme panic state I usually get myself into. Even later after my dose I noticed i was confident enough to even get up and dance to my friends set, which was an actual first! Albeit very awkwardly, I still managed to get out of my seat in a wall to wall packed pub and gather some attention on myself without a care.


I enjoyed that evening very much so and it changed my mind on cannabis and cannabis products forever. I felt like me, the best me, as if id had a berroca in the morning I was me but on a good day. Since then I have been using CBD products in my daily life to ensure that I stay confident in social situations, and even to relief some normal stress during the day to day life. Although CBD has no recreational benefits, it most certainly has benefits to my situation and the best part is NO SIDE EFFECTS.

I’m able to take part in activities that normal people participate in without having the paranoia and sluggishness caused by regular cannabis, also without the panic-inducing THC (personally) I don’t have a fear in the world.


– Brad

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