What are CBD Flowers?

What are CBD Flowers?

CBD Flowers?

CBD comes in a huge variety of products that can help you get your dose of CBD in a fashion that suits you.


From oral tinctures to vape liquids even to CBD infused food/drinks!

CBD all comes from the same source, carefully grown strains of hemp which contain the broad spectrum of cannabinoids which your body can utilise as it pleases. Due to the nature of the product, CBD flower is considered full spectrum, meaning it may carry small traces of THC which can lead to a failed drug test.

Learn more about how CBD interacts with drug tests here


‘Flower’ is the word used in the industry to describe the resinous buds of the hemp plant, which some manufacturers use to extract CBD and make their products.

The legality surrounding CBD flower being sold to the public is currently uncertain in the UK due to the sheer appearance of the product. Bright green flowery buds with a pungent smell, similar to its illegal brother – Marijuana. As you can imagine, this makes it extremely hard for the UK police force to distinguish between real unadulterated cannabis and CBD flower.




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