What is Full Spectrum, Isolate & Distilate CBD?

What is Full Spectrum, Isolate & Distilate CBD?

CBD works wonders for some people, but the more you look into CBD products you’ll start to see words like ‘Isolate’, ‘Distillate’ & ‘Full Spectrum’ thrown around. What are the differences between these types of CBD you may ask?

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These are the types of base used to create the product you are looking at.

CBD Isolate

CBS isolate is pure unadulterated Cannabidiol extracted from the cannabis plant. It should have no smell or taste and is stripped of all terpenes, plant matter and the other cannabinoids in the plant. Typically, good quality isolate will have an appearance similar to flour and contains no traceable psychoactive properties and shouldn’t show up on basic toxicology screenings.

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CBD Distillate

CBD distillate from the hemp plant tends to be less pure. Distillate can contain plant matter, extra cannabinoids from the plant, including THC so a good quality product from a reputable company is essential when buying CBD distillate based products.

Distillate can be refined further to make isolate if you wish, but CBD distillate will contain some terpenes which can offer an extra boost of antioxidants alongside the benefits of CBD alone.

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Full Spectrum CBD

Full Spectrum CBD from the hemp plant contains the full variety of cannabinoids with negligible THC, which will still not cause psychoactive effects and is still completely legal in the UK.

This type of CBD base can contain all the benefits of the plant including anti-oxidant rich terpenes and vitamins which can give you an extra boost. Typically, Full spectrum products are used by the public as a natural remedy for illness. Because of the extra beneficial compounds in full-spectrum products, it’s usually used for aches and pains due to its full range of cannabinoids and the extra chemical compounds.

While most of the public use full-spectrum CBD to alleviate pain, you should speak with your doctor about the benefits of CBD and if it will work with your current medication.

We are not health experts, we are a group of individuals whos core motive is to lead healthier lifestyles and offer products to assist with this.

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